Project Development - Project Management






Target and market oriented approach in consideration of the frame conditions of the region/location.


  General services:


  Identification of aims requirements and solutions

  Project identification

  Project analysis

  Project assessment/evaluation



  Realisation incl. Privatization Adjustment


  Selected and specific services:

  Project identification and development

  Location study

  Target and market analysis

  Feasibility studies: Legal, technical, organizational and economic 

  Risk analysis

  Advice and assistance on projectfinancing

  Advice and assistance on execution and operation




   Operation area

Southern, central and east Germany is the region we're very used. This are the metropolitan areas Frankfurt, Nuremberg Stuttgart, Munich, Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin, the federal capital. (Among them are the economical fastest growing cities in Germany.)


Real estate business is local business.

We offer you our special expieriance and our knowledge for your investment in the Nuremberg region. 'More than you expect ..." is not only the Nuremberg region's official slogan. It's also the way we work for you.



For the advatage of our clients - we use for orders which need very special know-how the experience and the power of partners in our network. This way we'll stand the competition also with big companies. Test it.


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